Jack – 7 year old male Jack Russell Terrier

Jack is a handsome 7 year old rough coated Jack Russell Terrier. He is always ready for a fuss and will lap up all the attention you can give him. Jack loves his fuss so much that if you stop before he is ready he will give your hand a little nudge with his nose encouraging you to continue. Jack would be happy to be an only dog but could also be homed with another confident dog.

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Jack has got on well with the other dogs in his foster home and all dogs large and small that he has met on walks. He can bark initially on seeing another dog but only because he wants to greet them. His play can be amorous at times and he will need to be homed with a dog prepared to tell him that this behaviour is unwanted. He has recently been neutered and this behaviour has vastly improved and continues to get better daily. He has been very respectful of the more dominant dog he shares his foster home with.

This little guy gets excited when the lead comes out and spins in circles and woofs with excitement! Once out of the door he calms down but he does still pull so he wears a harness to help him with this. Different walking routines don’t seem to faze Jack at all, he has had varied lengths of walks in foster some as short as 15 minutes and others up to 2 hours. He has been more than happy to get wet, in fact he quite likes the water and paddles in streams, he is happy to be dried with a towel afterwards if required. He does lie to be pampered, he is pleased to be brushed and have his fur clipped.

Jack has great recall around the house but has not been tested off lead in open areas. Being a clever boy, always eager to please Jack will work hard for his treats, he knows “sit”, “paw”, “beg” and is learning “leave it”and “drop it”. Jack can be possessive with a rawhide chew and will show his teeth and growl if he thinks it is going to be taken away so for his comfort Jack is fed separately.

Soft toys are always fun for Jack, he throws and shakes them about, he will drop them if asked with a firm “drop it”. He likes to chase a ball but as yet he hasn’t brought it back! He will share the ball and chase after it alongside other dogs, he doesn’t mind if he doesn’t catch it first but if he does he likes to keep hold of it whilst making grumbly noises but can be persuaded to “drop it” with a firm tone.

Jack is confident when meeting new people, he will bark initially when there is a knock at the door but once he has seen the visitor he just wants to get to know them and see how much fuss they are willing to give! Jack has been good with the children in the foster home, and can be homed with respectful children aged 8 years upwards. Jack cannot be homed with cats. Jack has been left alone for a couple of hours without issue., he settles down nicely in his crate. Jack sleeps in his crate overnight in the kitchen.

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