Jacko – 13 year old male Labrador cross Whippet

Jacko is a simply scrumptious 13 year old Labrador cross possibly Whippet boy who came into Oldies Club care after the death of his owner. Jacko is in an Oldies Club foster home in Bromyard, Herefordshire, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home.

Settled well: Jacko settled at his foster home fairly quickly. He trusted his foster family straight away and settled within a couple of days. His confidence is growing each day.

Fine to be left: Jacko is happy to be left alone for a few hours and he is very clean in the house. He could live with full-time workers so long as he had a walk at lunchtime.


Generally good with dogs: Jacko has met dogs on walks and hasn’t had any issues with them. He is sharing his foster home with other dogs and this has shown that Jacko likes his own space and doesn’t like to be pushed past by the other dogs. His foster carer feels that Jacko should be fine to live with another calm older dog, provided it was a dog that respected Jacko’s space and wouldn’t bother him too much. He doesn’t give off any signals if he isn’t happy and this may be difficult for another dog to read.

OK with confident cats: Jacko has chased his foster carer’s cats in their home and garden, however he is very responsive to commands and stops once reminded not to. He was very focused on the cats at first but this gradually got better and it’s now just an occasional attempt when the urge is just too much! He could live with a cat that would not run if chased and would give him a swipe!

Could live with older children: Jacko hasn’t met children since coming into foster, but he is a very chilled out chap so should be fine to live with older children.

Enthusiastic walker: Jacko is great on his harness and walks very well; he just needs the occasional reminder that he’s not in a race and doesn’t need to pull. He’s quite a strong dog if he wants to get to something. His recall is very good. He had a habit of jumping at cars when they go past but his foster carer is training him to sit when a car is approaching and then he is gets a reward (lots of fuss!) when he has ignored the car. Even though he’s currently overweight, Jacko is very active. He happily walks around the lanes for 45 minutes with no problems. He also gets a 20 minute off lead walk in the field once a day.

Good traveller: Jacko struggles to get into the boot, but he has gradually learnt how to get on the back seats. He travels very well.

Jacko’s favorite pastimes: Jacko loves people; he loves coming over to the sofa and shuffling his head between your legs for a cuddle. He is often found staring at the fire, and once it’s on he doesn’t move. He does enjoy his walks and gets very excited but he also likes to have a snooze by the fire.

Jacko’s perfect home: Jacko would suit someone looking for some company. He is very easy going and relaxed but does still love (and need) a good walk. A quiet home is what he would like, with a cosy fire! Jacko has become very protective of his foster carer, and will need to be introduced to new people carefully, especially when in the home.

Health notes: Jacko is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. Jacko came into Oldies Club care very overweight and he needs to gradually lose weight. He also needs a dental but the vet is not prepared to do this until his weight is better. He has some fatty lumps but the vet thinks these might go once he has lost weight. He also limps occasionally but, again, the vet thinks once he’s thinner this should get better.

Foster carer’s summary of Jacko: “Loving; Loyal; Smart and Cheeky. Jacko is the most amazing company: he doesn’t ask for much and just LOVES a cuddle. He is super intelligent and knows commands like Sit, Bed, and Wait. Jacko is very cheeky and nudges for some fuss, and he looks up at you with his big beautiful eyes, which you wont be able to resist!”

The Oldies Club
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