Jess – 3 year old female Greyhound

My name is Jess and I’m a jet black female Greyhound who will be 3 years old in April 2014. I didn’t do very well at the race track so after only 10 races my trainer handed me over to GRWE. I currently live in a foster home with another greyhound, a lovely 8 ½ year old male for company which I like very much, as he is calm but plays with me nicely too. I would prefer to have a confident dog to look up to as I can be a little unsure about the world sometimes, especially if I have to go outside in the daytime. I tend to be very wary of children and strangers especially men, but I do love my foster Mummy and Daddy, especially cuddle times on the sofa. Because I can become fearful about having to leave the house boundary, I really need my new home to have a garden so I can pop out there occasionally.


I know this might sound funny, but I generally don’t mind going out for walks later at night, when it is dark, as I know then I am less likely to meet a stranger. I am house trained, always eat all my meals up, and sleep well all night long. I don’t mind being left alone or with my Greyhound friend for up to 4hours, and use this time to catch up on more sleep. Right from my first week in my foster home, I have been taken to dog socialisation classes every Monday night. The classes are in a school hall, so indoors which helps a little with my fear issues, and now I can’t wait to get in the car and go and see all my different shaped new doggie friends (and i even like some of their owners now). I sit nicely when asked and am learning lots of new words and commands .

I have just started having Bowens therapy (a soft type of massage) and like the feeling of this a lot, so I would like to carry on having this if possible. I wear a thunder shirt in the daytime, a type of special comforting coat that helps me feel calmer in difficult situations and I also think some Bach flower remedies might be helping me too. I can be quite strong when out walking and tend to pull on my harness when I think I want to go back home, so I need a strong experienced sighthound owner – also I am not good with cats. I am just about to have a new technique introduced into my routine for working with my fear of meeting strangers outsider in the daytime – so I’ll update you how I get on with this in a while.

If you think you have the right household environment to continue my introduction into the world after the race track, let the helpline know, but remember, no children, not in the middle of a town, and can I have a garden please.

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