Jess – 13 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

Please meet Jess! She is a Jack Russell Terrier cross who was born in 2003 and she’s looking for a new home. Jess is a very lucky girl, as she was due to be put to sleep TWICE in one day!

Her original owners split up, but neither would take her with them so they tried to return her to the rescue they adopted her from. They were told that she was too old to rehome and refused to take her back. They enquired at some other large rescues but were turned away.

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They then decided to take her to their vet to be put to sleep. The vet refused as there was nothing wrong with her. They then took her to the pound, but they were also full and they said they would have to put her to sleep. The owners were ok with this, but the pound refused so they had to take her home again.

An appeal went out and that is where we heard about her and accepted her here.

We managed to get hold of Jess’s medical history, and there is a clear decline in how much these people loved this dog. At first, they were happy to pay out, but as she aged they refused to get her veterinary care, telling the vet that they were not prepared to invest in an elderly dog. On arrival we decided to get a blood test done to check her vitals, and they came back all clear.

She had to have a dental as her teeth were really bad so that made her feel much happier. She is incontinent, but she is on Incurin (two tablets once a day, costing around £20 a month) which helps a lot. Jess sometimes urinates a little when she is asleep, but is much better when on her pills.

She is also nearly blind, but this doesn’t affect her too much as she learnt the layout of my home in a day. She is a smart dog!

Jess loves people and enjoys a fuss. She can be left for about 4 hours, and is quiet, but does need frequent toilet breaks, so the less time she is left the better. She is brilliant with cats and small animals, and is fine with dogs when out and about. She could live as an only dog, or with a calm dog.

Due to all the medical expenses we have paid out, we are asking for a minimum adoption fee of £150. She has been spayed, vaccinated. microchipped, had her dental, flea treated and wormed. She will also go to her new home with a month’s supply of Incurin and full medical history.

She is quiet and loving – all round a lovely girl who someone is going to be lucky to have.
She can live with older teenagers (14 years +). Jess loves going out and walks nicely on the lead. She is an active girl when out, but likes a good snooze at home.

Jess would now love to find her final home for life, so if you feel you can offer this little lady a retirement home, then please get in touch!

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