Jim – 5-6 year old male Saluki Cross

Jim is a adorable Saluki cross with a beautiful, sweet face and temperament to match. Jim is just 5-6 years of age and measures approximately 26″ to the shoulder. Originally a nervous and abandoned boy in a pound situation he has now blossomed into a fabulous house guest and companion and is now ready to join his forever family. Jim is currently with his family in Sheffield and only being re-homed due to a change in circumstances.

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This little guy is just a gem! He is quiet and gentle and can be aloof but will let you know when he wants a cuddle and a kiss but can also be goofy and a lot of fun. Jim occasionally enjoys a mighty good scratch in what’s supposed to be his ear but generally misses completely and so is very proficient in ‘air scratching’! He has also been known to sing most tunefully to passers by whilst out on walks if he’s finding it all particularly exciting. His very favourite hobby though is sleeping it has to be said!

Jim is a joy to be around in the home. He is totally clean and will ask to go out by standing next to the door. He is lovely and quiet and greets guests beautifully with just a little wag of his tail but be warned, if you leave a little sausage on the side it won’t be there for long as Jim simply can’t resist a counter surf (especially if he thinks no one wants that little sausage) and will even beg with those beautiful soft Saluki eyes if you’re making a cup of coffee! Jim is very good with gentle dogs and can be really goofy and playful although he can also be a little afraid of boisterous dogs that are too much ‘in his face’ or smaller dogs at times. He is not a great fan of cats however!

Jim is great whilst out and about and loves his walks. He is currently having approximately 1 hours exercise a day but would be happy to have more as he enjoys it so much. He is very good on the lead although he will pull slightly if he sees a cat and can skip around a little if he is afraid of another dog. Generally though he is very good. His recall is okay but there is room for improvement, with further training and once a bond has been formed with Jim’s new family (and he is in a safe area with no roads or livestock) he will happily be able to go off lead. His Mum says he is just adorable when he gets excited and has such a sweet and ‘goofy’ run.

We feel Jim would be best suited to a family with older children or an active retired couple who have another quiet gentle dog or Jim may even be able to live as a single dog in the right family. A rural or semi rural area would suit him best as he is nervous of loud traffic and lorries and ideally he will not be left for long periods of time simply because he adores company, even if it’s just watching you do the gardening. He can be homed anywhere in the UK provided we have a home checker available, but please note that you will be required to travel to Sheffield to meet and collect him. Please also note we do not re-home dogs to families with children under the age of 8 years.

Jim is currently in kennels in Norfolk. Jim would benefit so very much from a chance to live in a foster home and Kerry Greyhounds UK is always eager for new foster volunteers. It is an extremely rewarding experience and costs are covered by us. Jim is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, deflead and wormed and a home check will be required as part of the adoption procedure.

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