Joe – 1 year old male Lhasa Apso

Lovely little Joe the 1 year old Lhaso Apso has had a difficult start to his life, passed from home to home with no stability Joe is an insecure little boy who has so much love to give and just needs the right home to fulfil his potential as a wonderful companion. Joe is a loving little dog who loves to snuggle up and be made a fuss of, he has a slightly undershot jaw which just adds to his appeal as he always seems to be smiling. Little Joe came into rescue with an untreated umbilical hernia, Friends of the Animals RCT ensured he received the best veterinary treatment, he had a small operation to repair the hernia and now he is in excellent health.


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Joe was very thin and hungry when he was rescued, because of this he has on-going issues with food. Joe is fearful of having his food taken away and he can guard his meals and treats and display some fearful aggression in order to make sure no one takes them away from him. Before coming into rescue he had growled and snapped to protect his food but since his placement with one of our most experienced fosterers his fear and anxiety has reduced and he is now taking treats by hand gently and not guarding so desperately or looking for food. Joe’s adopter should be aware that this behaviour may flare up when he first moves to his forever home and that he will need continuing firm boundaries and love to help him trust that he won’t ever have to go hungry again.

Joe would benefit from being an only dog, he is so desperate to be loved that he can be jealous if any other dog is given attention in the home. He does however love to play in the park with other small dogs, but he is afraid of bigger dogs. Joe would benefit from greater socialization with other dogs and we feel that Joe would enjoy the structure of a puppy training class to help him develop his skills around other dogs.

Joe won’t be homed with children due to his guarding of his food. Joe is very good around cats and would be happy to live with dog confident ones. Joe can be left for short periods in his crate with a treat or stuffed Kong to distract him. He does suffer distress when left so his adopter should be at home most of the day helping Joe to build a strong and trusting attachment. Joe walks well on the lead and is housetrained.

Joe really does need a special home, he would like a kind understanding adopter to bond with. Preferably with experience or understanding of distressed rescue dogs, separation anxiety and negative responses to fear. Joes foster Mum will be able to provide on-going advice in the best way to help Joe. Joe is such a young boy and deserves all of the joy in the world, he is such a snuggly fun boy. He leaps like a lamb when he is happy and his big plume of a tail is endlessly wagging, he loves to give the people he adores tiny licks on their face and cuddle into them for comfort. Joe may not be entirely straight forward and his adopter will need to make a great commitment to him, but in return they will have the love, loyalty and happiness that comes with this wonderful little dog. Joe is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Potential adopters are expected to travel to meet Joe in his foster home in Crewe.

If you are interested in adopting Joe please read about our re homing process and complete a Pre Adoption form ( link here) and one of our adoption coordinators will contact you for a chat

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