Judy – 4-5 year old female Greyhound Cross

Most of the dogs in Romania are either dumped on the streets, dumped in public shelters which are horrendous places, born on the streets having to fend for themselves and face all kinds of dangers. Starvation being the biggest, beatings, torture, being hit by cars or even killed for money. The streets are a cruel cruel place especially winter time. Some also suffer horrendous cruelty from so called animal loving owners and the lucky ones are taken to private shelters where they are looked after until homes can be found for them.


Judy the tan colored one at the back has been at the Radauti public shelter for over a year now, a hell hole of a place, no heating so especially harsh in the Romanian winters, volunteers have very little time and resources to help these poor dogs, but the do the best they can with what they have and Judy can be in a pen with 50 or more dogs at one time, so feeding time is a mad scramble for food and fights do break out, nasty fights sometimes and poor dogs get injured.

The staff  believe Judy may have had a home before because of her gentle nature and how she is with other dogs, cats, people and children. It is not known whether she was dumped by her owner, which is often the way or if she has strayed then been caught by the dog catcher.

The shelter really is not he place for Judy or any dog. Judy is a sweet gentle girl with oodles of affection to give and all she asks for is a safe comfortable home and a family to call her own, she needs to be out of that shelter before her calm gentle spirit is broken. She is vaccinated to legal requirements for transport, dewormed, deflead, chipped, spayed and has EU pass port.

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