Karma – 2 year old female Cross-Breed

Karma is a 2 year old female Cross-Breed. Karma was found with her family, 5 puppies and daddy, all the puppies disappeared. One was managed to be “save” and now he is in great hands. Even her “husband” was adopted! But she now is alone so the pack was split up. Now what? She needs to look forward and find a new home.


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A few words about her: She is not older than 2 years old, about 20 kilos. I would say medium to large sized, i think she is a mix of mixed breeds. She is caring, calm, clean, obedient and friendly, gets along well with other dogs (not yet tested for cats), can be left alone though! She likes to sleep on the couch and bed and enjoys the human presence and touch.

I believe that she was born and raised as a stray because it seemed like she didn’t even know what a house is and once she got in and felt safe and warm she was snoring for two days! She is also an alert barker and would defend her house at any means!

She is faithful and grateful for being saved! Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness and that is why I call her Karma, cause she has given me good karma after saving her.

South Coast Rescue

South Coast Rescue

For further details regarding adopting a dog from South Coast Rescue in Brighton, please email southcoastrescuers@gmail.com or telephone 01273 253730.
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