Keira – 2 year old Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Keira is a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier girl who came into our care in March after we received an urgent phone call from a local vet to say that she had been taken in to be put to sleep. It is very rare for a vet to seek a rescue space for a dog unless they believe the dog is suitable to be rehomed and after meeting Keira we too can see why they wanted to give her a chance. The owner’s reason was that Keira had some issues around food and the owner did not want to take the risk as she had young children in the home. 

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While in kennels we have not found any causes for concern with Keira but due to the information given by the previous owner Keira requires an adult only home. Keira mixes well with dogs on walks but she prefers her own space and can be grumpy if other dogs sniff her, therefore she would be best suited to a home where she can be the only dog.

She has however lived with several cats in her previous home. Keira is a dinky little girl who is absolutely adorable! She loves to play with toys and have her belly tickled. She is also very friendly, obedient and no trouble at all. Keira has been in kennels for a long time now and no one can understand why! She is just beautiful and is a firm favourite with all of the volunteers. Please do not overlook Keira because of her breed, she would make a fantastic companion.

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