King – 2 year old male Greyhound


Location: Kennels in Norfolk, UK. King would love a foster home while he waits for his forever family.
Key Points: Very sweet, loving, timid, sensitive, walks to heel, good with all other dogs.

Dear King is a lovely ex-racing greyhound who wasn’t fast enough for his previous owners. Though just 2 years of age, King was due to be put to sleep if Kerry Greyhounds UK didn’t offer him a space. We are certain that this boy will never look back once he has gotten himself a home to call his own.

King is a gorgeous leggy brindle boy with truly beautiful markings and a very soft, loving expression. In short, he’s a total heartthrob!


~ Personality ~
Generally: Sweet, bit shy, very loving, gentle, calm. King is a very sweet, gentle boy who is still learning that people can give affection simply because they want to. He can be a bit timid at times and this leads him to be reserved with strangers, but once he knows you, you have a gorgeously affectionate friend for life. King is a real sweetheart who just wants to be good and be loved. He doesn’t like to cause trouble and wants to get on with everyone. It’s going to be a pure delight seeing this boy open up once finally out of kennels and in a loving home.

~ In the Home ~
Generally: Not yet home experienced. King has sadly not yet been in a home environment, so new owners will need to be a bit understanding at the start and give him time to learn the house rules. It generally takes greyhounds 10-14 days to start to settle in a home, and really all they need is time and patience. We can’t wait for this currently quiet boy to discover the joys of toys and open up in himself.

~ Other Animals ~
Generally: Great with other dogs of all sizes, would be best homed with another dog(s). King is very good with other dogs and is a lot more comfortable when he has another canine buddy to fall back on. He would as such benefit hugely from having another already established dog(s) in his home to show him the ropes and help him settle. King is very mannered with other dogs and loves to play if they are up for it. He is not cat friendly.

~ Out and About ~
Generally: Walks well, wee bit timid, travels ok. Like most greyhounds, King is a bit of a couch potato and does not need a huge amount of exercise. He will be content with two 30min walks a day and perhaps a chance to stretch his legs off lead in a safe area once or twice a week once a bond has been formed with his new owners. King walks well on the lead though sudden noises can frighten him. Likewise he travels very well once in the car, but can be frightened of getting in and out. We expect this timid behavior will lessen once King is in a stable home environment where his confidence can be improved. He just needs to learn that he can trust people not to harm him.

~ Greyhounds as Pets ~
In general greyhounds are very calm, mannerly dogs that are used to being handled. They can fit into a wide range of different lifestyles and usually adjust to the home life very quickly. Their soft, easy going nature often makes them ideal to live in a family with children, while their love of lazing around and low exercise requirements can make them perfect for the elderly.

~ Where Am I? ~
King is currently in kennels in Norfolk. He can be homed anywhere in the UK, but please note that you may be required to travel to our rescue to meet and collect him.

~ Want To Adopt Me? ~
King is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flea’d and wormed and a homecheck will be required as part of the adoption procedure. This dear boy would benefit so very much from a chance to live in a foster home and Kerry Greyhounds UK is always eager for new foster volunteers. King is the type of hound that would benefit hugely from being in a home environment. It is an extremely rewarding experience and costs are covered by us.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering King, you can contact the rescue or via email:

Kerry Greyhounds UK
Kerry Greyhounds UK operates through a network of volunteers to rehome greyhounds and lurchers. The majority of our dogs are from Ireland. We are dedicated to finding the very best forever homes and provide ongoing support and encouragement to all of our placement families and hounds. We neuter, vaccinate and microchip each dog and give them a veterinary check before they are rehomed. We rely on public donations to enable us to carry out our work and refuse, on principle, any financial assistance from the greyhound racing industry. If you have an adoption enquiry, please either email us at, or telephone Bronwen on 075 000 62648.
Kerry Greyhounds UK

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