Kobi – 2 year old male Akita cross Siberian Husky

Kobi is a handsome 2 year old Akita cross Siberian Husky. With a winning and playful persona, Kobi is engaging, curious and friendly. Although bouncy, he is polite and takes treats from your hand politely. Kobi knows the basic commands and responds well to treats, toys and cuddles. He will thus be receptive to further training if these are used as incentives. He is comfortable with being examined and displayed no tension when being patted all over. He even allowed his teeth to be checked without any fear. He hardly barks and does not appear to react to sudden or quick movements. Open sacks of food were seen in the lounge area and Kobi displayed no food aggression issues and appeared unbothered.

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Kobi currently lives with a cat and simply adores his feline companion. He also appears to be dog friendly although we will have to further monitor this. While he is lead trained and walks nicely on lead, he can be excitable at the start as he does not get to go for regular walks. He however remains unfazed by traffic noises or passing animals or people. He just loves an adventure and exploring his surroundings. Affectionate and loving, Kobi is a dream and will make his lucky future owner very happy. He is only being rehomed because his current owner has mobility issues and cannot provide him the care that he so deserves.

Given that Kobi clearly loves company and has never really been left alone, we would prefer a home whereby there is someone at home for a good proportion of the day, at least at the start.

We think that Kobi will be able to live with like minded female canine companion(s). Kobi is child friendly but having never lived directly with them we recommend homes with older children only.

If you are interested in rehoming this handsome fella please contact us. He is currently located in Lancashire.

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