Kula – 3 year old male Cross-Breed

Kula is a 3 year old male Cross-Breed. After a year with his foster family, Kula has made staggering progress and is now – more than ever – ready to find his forever home. Kula was found on the 21st August 2013, when the boys spotted him at the side of the road. He was cared for and, after a long and patient wait, was fostered in the UK in 2016.

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Having spent most of his life at the shelter, he has obviously taken time to settle; however, after receiving the love and care he so desperately craves, he is now ready to take the all-important step and find a permanent adopter to provide him with the future he deserves.

It has taken Kula time to adjust to living in a home environment: he is still wary of strangers and requires a controlled introduction to new dogs. He remains a work in progress, but the rewards and evidence of his learning are clear: once he gets to know you (and your pets), Kula is affectionate, loyal and loving. He enjoys cuddling on the sofa, playing in water and walking in the countryside.

Above all else, Kula is a warm, bright and charismatic boy who, despite his misgivings, has a massive amount of love to give. All he needs in return is the love, patience and understanding of a committed and compassionate owner. We are looking for an adult-only home, in the countryside (as the city can be a little too busy), with a garden to run around and play in.

Kula is housetrained, travels well in the car and is fine to be left for a few hours each day. Currently sharing his foster home with two dogs and a cat, Kula has proved that he is able to live with other pets; in fact, with time, he builds loving bonds and benefits from the company of his kind. Due to the fact that Kula can be lead reactive to strange dogs and nervous around new people, we are looking for an experienced and confident owner who is able to continue his training.

This lovely boy enjoys his walks in the countryside, sniffing through woods and jumping into ponds. Moreover, he would make an excellent companion for someone with a healthy and active lifestyle as he enjoys jogging and would therefore be suitable for canicross.

He walks well on a lead and has learned a variety of basic commands; in fact, he has proved himself to be a keen learner and he enjoys the stimulation of acquiring new skills.

He will make a wonderful and loyal companion for someone who is able to provide the time and patience he may need to settle into a new home. He really – and truly – is a special boy, who deserves a family of his own. He has waited long enough – can you provide the future he so desperately needs and deserves?

Kula has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and comes with his own pet passport.

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