Lennie – 4 year old male Greyhound

Lennie is a 4 year old male Greyhound. Lennie (racing name East London) has just come into foster from kennels. “Loopy” Lennie is 4 years old but is a pup at heart. He is a very happy lad who loves playing with teddies and toys. He would probably enjoy a home with a family who had time to play with him. As he is boisterous he would not suit a home with young children. He is a bit excitable on lead and needs to learn some manners when meeting other dogs but he loves the company of other Greyhounds.

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Greyhound Rescue Shropshire and Borders

Greyhound Rescue Shropshire and Borders

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Greyhound Rescue Shropshire and Borders, please telephone Margaret Morrison, Homing Liaison on 01743 874986. Home check and donations apply. http://shropshire.retiredgreyhounds.co.uk
Greyhound Rescue Shropshire and Borders

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