Leo – 15 year old male Tibetan Terrier

Leo the Tibetan Terrier. He’s 15 years old and is being fostered in Newbury, Hampshire while he waits for his new person or people to find him. Can be left for a while: If Leo has a dog friend with him, he can be left for a few hours. Otherwise, only short periods please as he LOVES company! He likes to be near you so he can be available for fuss at a moment’s notice. He would do best in a home where someone is in most of the time.

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Leo is a genial chap and feels happiest when there’s another placid dog around. This might be partly because his hearing and sight are somewhat diminished and having a friend makes him feel safer. It could just be that he’s such a friendly boy! Leo’s previous owner said he’s OK with cats but he hasn’t been cat tested recently. With a confident cat and careful introduction, he could probably live with one. Another friend, hooray!

Leo could live with considerate children from 10 years of age. He’s easy-going and jolly, but he is getting on a bit so he will need his rest. Despite his time of life, Leo is still a lively lad. He’s used to having two 30-45 minute walks a day.

Leo’s ideal home is a restful home with a secure garden and a dog friend for general jollity. Leo wants a caring human or two for company most of the time, who will be practical regarding his hearing and vision impairment. Regular walkies and plenty of lap cuddles please! Occasional sleepy car rides might be nice him too.

Leo is neutered, microchipped and worm/flea treated. He has a cyst on his rear end but it doesn’t need any treatment. He’s wheat intolerant so he needs you to be careful of what he eats and not let any well-meaning visitors give him biscuits as tit bits. His hearing and sight are quite poor but he seems to manage just fine and it certainly doesn’t affect his love of life!

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