Lilly – 8 month old female Border Collie

Lovely Lilly has recently come into Starfish – she has been with her family since a small puppy and recently been given up. Lilly has been brought up with very young children and a cat. She is now being fostered in a family home with 3 other dogs, a cat and 2 older children. Lilly when she first arrived was very anxious and unsettled – she was very nervous of the other dogs in the house even though they are calm and ignored her – she was not snappy just very jumpy and nervous.


As the days have gone on she has become much more relaxed around them and is fine… She is fine with our cat who is very dog savvy but he has told her off a few times for a being a bit too enthusiastic. Out on a walk she is great and her recall is fab – again she can be unsure but being with the other dogs has boosted her confidence and she looks to them, each day you see an improvement in her. In the house although house trained because she was so upset and stressed by the move she did have a few accidents. At night she sleeps in a crate with my other dogs and she is clean over night and very quiet and settled. She travels in the car fine once she is in it but again is nervous initially of getting in the car but we are working on this.

Lilly is still only a baby so if we get this home right then it will be for the rest of her life and she will not become another misunderstood collie. Although being with the same family from a baby I suspect she did not get the socialization and training she needed – she is very lacking in confidence but she is bright, keen and wants to please you and do the right thing – she has a very loving nature and is extremely good with the children.

I want her to go to a Collie experience home or similar – somewhere quiet although fantastic with children I want her to be with people who have got the time to train her and socialize her, she needs time and work – she needs to go dog training, she could live with other dogs no problem but calm and older ones would be better for her and not a dominate dog that would bully her. Somewhere rural would suite her and an active life – she would make a great agility dog or obedience dog once you have put in that training.

Please make sure you have read the above carefully although still a baby she does need work and someone with time to make sure she reaches her true potential – a busy family life would not suit this sensitive girl and people with young children she needs to be the center of someone’s world. Lilly has now been spayed, is fully vaccinated and mirco chipped.

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

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Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

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