Lilly – 5 year old female Yorkshire Terrier

Lovely Lilly has been with Starfish 2 weeks now – she has her own story as to the life she has had before us – we have filled in the gaps as to what we think what sort of life this little girl has had – the sort of home that will suit her where she will continue to thrive and have the life she always deserved but was denied because of money as she was used as a breeding bitch.

Lilly was found on the streets of Bristol dodging in out and the cars, she had not long had puppies and must have escaped looking for them – she was terrified and so terrified no one could get near her – she did not trust anyone and her only weapon was her teeth but one brave lady managed to throw a jacket over her and caught her – Lilly was so frightened she pooed herself. She was then taken to the local dog pound where the law is she had to serve her 7 days just in case she was claimed by her owners who had probably decided she was too old now to use for breeding so never cared to even look – at this point we did not know if Lilly was a girl or boy as all she would do would coward in the back of her kennel and would not let anyone near her – terrified of people and the noise of the pound.


Starfish agreed to take her to try and bring her round in a foster home and see how she was once away from the dog pound. She was very scared and lost when she first arrived and would go rigid with fright if I touched her but did not show any aggression – she desperately wanted to be friends and was slowly started to bond with me when unfortunately after a day a delivery driver opened the front door without knocking and came in with some parcels and Lilly in fright shot pass him and out into the countryside – she was not bonded enough with me at this point to trust me to come back and we had a terrible 24 hours of frantically looking for her – lots of prays and hard work making everyone aware in the area that she was missing resulted in her being caught in someone’s garden up the road.

After a few days after she was back with us – she started relaxing and bonded very closely to the point where I felt she trusted me, each day brought out the real Lilly – when she was left for a few hours I would come back and she would forget about being scared and get so excited about seeing me she would dance and give me little gentle bites and then it was like suddenly she would remember and roll on her back again.

Each day things have got better for Lilly she was more relaxed, she would maybe start playing with a toy, or give a bark with the other dogs if they barked, just little things but big steps for Lilly. She stared enjoying her walks with the other dogs, I have her on a flexi lead not confident enough to let her off yet just in case someone scares her.

I had to visit Spain which was not idea but one of my friends who is very experienced with terriers offered to foster Lilly while I was away – not ideal but Lilly was not ready for rehoming, Lilly was quite nervous especially that first day and she went up stairs and would not let anyone near her but after 36 hours she became the Lilly that I had known and bonded very closely with Kathy. She is back now with me and as soon as she saw me she recognized me and settled down as soon as I brought her home with no problems.

Lilly without any doubt has been used as a breeding machine – used and abused, handled roughly with no love, we are not sure but one of her ribs feels like at some stage it has been broken we think probably from a kick. She has lived in some sort of hell I feel and she breaks your heart as once she trusts you – she looks at you with such total love and adoration, she craves your love and affection. Her foster home with us is with 3 dogs, a cat and two children but they are older children. She is fine with my dogs, adores my cat and is fine with the kids, but wary of my husband. In the other foster home she was also wary of the husband to the point she would show her teeth, I really feel its a man that has abused her in the past and although bonds very closely with women think she would struggle with a man. Because she is quite insecure I think she needs to be an only dog or with a laid back male – she is fine with my dogs but they are big dogs. I think there could possibly be problems with another small terrier bitch as her and Kathy’s little Westie bitch clashed a bit and both would get jealous of Kathy.

I think if Lilly had a choice of what would be the perfect home for her it would be a lady living on her own with no other dogs, possibly cats as she does seem to really love cats and will kiss them. Somebody local would be perfect who could visit and we can support easier.

We would like someone who has had experienced of terriers and their little ways and be prepared for the showing of teeth possible in that first 24 hours – someone who will have patience and enjoy watching the real Lilly unfold a little bit each week, someone who wants a dog that will totally love them, someone who is affectionate and has a big heart for this brave little dog who is doing her best to get over the hellish life she has had to live. She would also like someone who will let her sleep in the bedroom with them. Below are a couple of links to a video of her when she first came and then a bit further on so you can see how she has progressed…

If you are interested please can you email us for our questionnaire which answers all our questions about you. We are getting Lilly spayed and she will also have a dental, she will be fully vaccinated and mirco chipped.

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Starfish Dog Rescue in Gloucestershire, please email Gilly at for our questionnaire if interested in any of our dogs. We will endeavor to get back to you within 4 hours. Starfish Dog Rescue is a small rescue helping the most vulnerable dogs/owners in UK and abroad. All homes will be vetted adoption fees are to help recover vet bills and travelling costs.
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