Lola – 7 year old female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Lola is a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girly being fostered in Gloucestershire. Our lovely little lady Lola came into our care due to serious family illness and them not able to care for Lola properly. Lola we knew when she came to us had a lot of health problems which needed to be sorted out she is has now been in our care over 6 weeks and its taken that long to get Lola healthy and where she should be thanks to our vets and her loving foster home.

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She needed x-rays as suspected stones and a mass were being shown up on ultra sound from her previous vets but they had not done x-rays we think because of costs anyway the Xrays were done and they were completely clear thank goodness nothing on towards at all. But she has been suffering from skins allergies and was not on any medication and it was driving her mad where it was sore, red and itching she found it hard to relax and sleep she was put on Apoquel one a day which can probably in time be cut down to half, she has had medicated baths and is like a different dog and these problems have now gone away.

She was also suffering with urine infections which made her want to go wee frequently we had bloods and urine tests done which were cultured and it showed she was suffering from 5 different infections which had not been treated properly which are have now been corrected treated with the right antibiotics and we are pleased to say a recent urine test showed to be now completely clear we are going to give the antibiotics for a further two weeks just to make sure. Her ears had suffered a lot too and were very swollen. Her foster mummy had been cleaning them daily and applying ear cleaner/drops and these are now 100 times better and well on the road to recovery.

In her new home she will require cleaning of ears twice a week with the cleaner from the vets to stop them ever getting infected again like they were. Lola is also grossly over weight and is on a special diet to help reduce this and on an excercise plan and we are slowly getting there. When the vet listened to heart a murmur was detected not bad enough to warrant any treatment but this could be a possibility in the future thats why its some important her weight is brought down she came in weighing over 15 kilos she at the most should be 10 kilos. Our vet bill totaled nearly £600 to get Lola healthy again.

So that is all about her health now lets tell you about lovely Lola. Her foster family where she is living with two other dogs, visiting grandchildren said she is the most beautiful gentle little soul, she does not have a nasty bone in her body and loves everyone she meets. She loves being with the other dogs and we know in her last home she was also with another dog.

She was very heartbroken to lose her family when she first came to us she is such a loyal loving little dog, she is completely house trained, walks well on the lead and is good off the lead. Lola does not enjoy the car and gets very anxious and worried. We have been told she is good with cats which we believe and we could easily get her cat tested. Lola is quite happy being left for a few hours with no problems.

I am sure a lot of people are going to be put off because of future vet bills with Lola but for those who are not – we need to get this as right as we can for Lola as she will find it hard when she leaves her foster home, she will need another dog or dogs for company as she genuinely loves being with the other dogs and its something she has been used to so another gentle dog like her would be good, would love to find her a retired couple of person too so she is not left on her own for hours in the day. Also someone who does not live too far away from us in Gloucestershire because of her getting anxious when in the car she will cry and finds it hard to relax.

Lola is spayed, fully vaccinated, chipped and has had intensive health checks while in our care to make sure she is healthy when she leaves us.

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

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