Lola – 6 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

Lola – 6 year old female Jack Russell Terrier. This tiny little girl has sadly found herself looking for a new home after there was an unfortunate incident which resulted in her biting her owner. We feel it is important to state that Lola has never shown aggressive behaviour before and we feel the bite can be explained. We are desperately hoping she will be given the second chance she deserves. Lola’s owner has known her since she was a puppy and took over ownership of her 3 years ago following the death of a relative. For the last 3 years Lola has lived with another dog without any issues. Recently the other dog in the home had to go the vets for a procedure and returned to the home very drowsy. Lola seemed to pick up on this and kept trying to climb on top of the other dog and into the same bed as her but concerned for the other dog, Lola’s owner kept moving her out of the way to which she had no problem doing. Lola’s owner then went on to make a fuss of the other dog and gave her a kiss then proceeded to do the same to Lola, who was sat in another bed at the time.

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Lola growled but her owner proceeded to kiss her and this resulted in Lola unfortunately jumping up and biting her. It was a very quick bite and Lola seemed very quiet during the days following. We feel this incident was due to a mix of emotions Lola may have been feeling at the time. She could have possibly been on high alert knowing the other dog in the home was in a vulnerable state and reacted in a protective manner or it could have been that Lola was jealous of the attention the other dog had been receiving. Either way we do truly believe that there was a reason for Lola to react in this way. We also feel that Lola did give a warning sign (growl) which was ignored.

After the bite Lola’s owner feels that she can no longer trust her around the young children who regularly visit the home and for this reason she feels she has no option but to find her a new home. Lola has always been fine with the visiting children and has been around toddlers without any issues, however following this incident we are looking for a very settled adult only home for her.

Lola is a very friendly little girl who loves attention, she will happily be picked up and stroked without any issues. She is also happy to greet strangers coming into the home. She is good with other dogs on walks and could live with a compatible dog in her new home but she does not like cats. Lola is also clean, non-destructive and happy to be left alone for a few hours during the day. She has no issues with travelling and is generally a very sweet little dog. She is an obedient girl who has been taught not to go upstairs or on the furniture. We feel that Lola has so much potential and really does deserve a second chance.

Anyone interested in adopting Lola must be fully understanding of the above incident and be sensible around her (respective of her space etc). More information can be provided regarding this should you wish to inquire further.

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