Lottie – 21 month old female Cross-Breed

Lottie is a 2 year old Cross-Breed dog, who is currently in foster in Dorset and looking for her forever family. Lottie is a sweet and gentle dog, who loves to be with you and will make someone a loving and fun companion. She enjoys running around exploring the garden, going for walks, playing with her foster sister, having food and treats and getting lots of cuddles and tummy rubs.

She absolutely loves to snuggle next to us on the sofa and to be invited onto the bed on a Sunday morning! She has quite a long body, lovely sleek black fur with a white stripe on her chest and white markings on three of her paws, soft, brown eyes and wonderful large ears which get admired by everyone she meets! She is so unusual and striking people often stop to ask about her when out on walks.

Lottie was rescued by Silver Paws from Romania and came to a foster home in the UK in October 2017. She moved to another foster home in December as her foster Mum’s working hours changed and came to her current foster home at the beginning of February. She has settled in beautifully and is much loved by her foster family, but needs a home of her own.

Lottie can be a little nervous of people she doesn’t know, but is getting more confident all the time and if people are patient and let her come to them she will come forward for a sniff and enjoy having her head and neck stroked. She has been out and about meeting lots of people and experiencing different things and she is doing really well. She is very affectionate with the people she knows and likes to cuddle up or sit on your knee.

Lottie has been working hard on lead training and now walks well on the lead. She still pulls a bit, particularly at the beginning of a walk when she is excited to be going somewhere. She has good recall and enjoys running around in the fields with her foster sister. When out on walks she will now walk past other dogs without reacting, but she will bark and pull back on the lead if the other dog comes towards her or barks at her. When she meets dogs when off the lead, she is getting much braver at going forward to meet them, especially if her foster sister shows the way! She has never shown any aggression towards our dog or anyone else.

Lottie is completely clean in the house. She has been working hard on lead training and now walks quite well on the lead. Using a slip lead has really helped with this. Her recall has greatly improved in the garden and hopefully she will be off lead on walks before too long. She will love running around the fields! She has become great friends with her foster sister and they play very well together. When out on walks she can be nervous of other dogs and may lurch forward and bark, but we are working on correcting this and are sure she will stop this behaviour as she learns that other dogs are not a threat. She has never shown any aggression towards our dog or anyone else.

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Lottie has learnt to ‘sit’, ‘paw’ and is brilliant at ‘wait’. She always sits and waits beautifully while her food is put down, watching you intently for the ‘ok’ which means she can eat! She loves treats and will jump up from her bed at the rustle of a treat packet! She will happily settle in her bed when we are busy, sleeps all night in the kitchen and can be left alone for short periods. She will give you a lovely welcome when you return. She travels very well in the car.

Lottie needs a loving forever home with someone who will give her the time and patience she needs to continue to build up her confidence. No young children. She really enjoys the companionship of her foster sister so we are looking to re-home Lottie with another, calm, dog, but a home without a dog may be possible. A quiet household would be best for her as she takes time to adapt to new situations. Lottie is neutered, vaccinated, parasite treated and has a passport and microchip.

Silver Paws Dog Rescue

Silver Paws Dog Rescue

For further details about adopting a dog from Silver Paws Dog Rescue, based near Stroud in Gloucestershire please email silverpawsrescue@gmail.com or fill in our pre-adoption questionnaire at www.silverpawsrescue.org in the first instance. Please note, this rescue rehomes across the UK. All dogs rehomed via this rescue will have spent time in foster homes being assessed before finding their forever homes for the best possible match. Please note, an adoption fee of £250 applies.
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