Louise – 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Whippet

Louise is an 2 years Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Whippet. She was dumped at the vets by her owners and they wanted to kill her for nipping. The vets could clearly see she had no malice in her and refused to do it and contacted us instead. She is amazingly sweet girl and probably starved of human attention and was taught no basic manners. This aside she is was friendly, playful and loving dog that just needs someone to put a little effort into her.

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The nipping is purely playful and is her way of instigating play but she may also nip if shes frustrated and the atmosphere is too hectic. It’s because she hasnt yet learnt how to deal with those situations but with the riget people it can be easily stopped. She’s very flincy when told off so its likely she has been smacked in a very wrong attempt to train her! Her only real downfall is the fact she jumps up to greet people but again some basic manners will stop this. She is great with dogs, can be a little unsure but she was integrated into my pack of 12 within 20 minutes which says it all.

Due to her excitable behavior I would prever no children under 10, unless dog savvy. She’s great with them but may knock them over. She needs someone home a lot as she isn’t keen on being left but this may well change when she’s settled in.

If your looking for a young energetic dog with bundles of energy to complete your life she’s deffo the one for you!

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