Lucas – 14 month old male Spanish Mastin

Lucas is a 14 month old male Spanish Mastin. Lucas is a huge boy in all respects! The Spanish Mastin typically weighs in at between 90 and 100 kg as an adult, with some growing to 120kg. A dog of this size obviously has quite definite requirements and anyone looking to adopt, or even foster, Lucas must be aware of them. For example, whilst he is learning that to successfully navigate a larger kissing gate means waiting to be told he can go through otherwise he gets squashed, smaller ones may be impossible for him as are most styles – he is never going to jump and he is far too big (and clumsy) already to get through the dog slide some have to the side; if the style is of the broad plank design then he will climb it if absolutely necessary!

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Lucas is described by his current fosterer as being ‘mannerly and polite’ – he waits whilst his food is put down, waits to go through doors to follow the human through. He is clean inside the house, but unfortunately also in the environs and will not toilet in the garden either, so it is essential he is taken out on a walk three or four times a day to give him the opportunity to do so. He is inclined to chew and steal soft items but gives them up without any problem and when alone in the house he is becoming happier about being left in his crate where he cannot chew or steal items without being noticed. He loves being groomed with the hands-on contact that it entails. Lucas is currently on a weight-reduction diet and whilst he is being exercised carefully to tighten up and develop good muscle tone, he is still somewhat wobbly on his back end. Anyone wanting to adopt this gorgeous boy must be prepared to continue to work on both his weight and his muscle tone, ensuring he is walked on hills and slopes rather than flat tarmac. He generally travels well in the car, but can be a little vocal toward passing pedestrians if the car is in standing traffic and is even more so if a dog happens by! Again, he is learning that this is not a desired response and with positive reinforcement he is slowly improving.

Lucas does have some behavioural traits that need to be understood – he is not happy meeting new people, especially men and whilst this is being worked on at his foster home, it is likely always to be something of an issue for him, partly due to his breed. It would appear that he has been on the receiving end of heavy-handed physical attention in his past and as a result will flinch and flatten to the floor if a hand is raised too quickly and he can be concerned if slippers, etc, are held in the hand too. Any new owner needs to understand his clear fear of such situations and be prepared to gently reassure him and to be aware of their own movements to help him settle and learn to trust again.

Whilst he is a big lad, he is surprisingly gentle when playing ‘rough games’ with smaller dogs and he loves the canine interaction. He would really benefit from living with a well-mannered dog who is also up for appropriately boisterous play. A country home where he can be walked three to four times a day, with someone who is fair but firm – he will take liberties if allowed to and thinks he can get away with it – would be perfect for him.

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