Lucky – 13 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

Lucky is a cheeky 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier girl who is in a foster home in Nottingham, waiting for someone with terrier experience to offer her a permanent home where she will be your only pet and won’t need to be left on her own very often. Lucky doesn’t like to be left on her own and she will bark when you go out. Her bark isn’t that loud, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you need to leave her only occasionally for a short time, but she wouldn’t suit a home where she will be left on her own routinely.

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Lucky needs to be the only dog in her new home. She has poor eyesight and this seems to be the reason why she is quite hit and miss with other dogs. She is generally good on the lead in the park but she will choose which dogs she likes or doesn’t. If approached by a dog she doesn’t like, Lucky can snarl and pull towards the other dog, so her fosterer is careful to not let the situation develop.

We don’t know if Lucky has ever lived with cats. Outside she cannot see cats passing by and so she has not reacted to them. Lucky needs either an adult-only home or one with sensible older teenagers. She loves to play, but due to her limited sight, people need to remember to communicate with her before approaching her, especially when she’s snoozing. Lucky loves to play! She enjoys ball games and pulling on her soft toys. She also loves ripping up cardboard and paper, and if she finds a cardboard item in the house it is not safe from her! Lucky seems to not like large dogs, postmen or being left alone.

Lucky would like a home that is not too busy and where someone is around for most of the time. She needs terrier-experienced owners and at times needs careful handling. Lucky likes to play a lot and is happy with cuddles and attention. She likes to get on her foster carer’s bed, but can get territorial if left to her own devices there. As a treat she has been allowed on the bed, but is gently removed before she gets too settled. As she doesn’t see well, Lucky needs a verbal warning that you are going to pick her up, otherwise she might snarl, especially if she has been relaxing for a while.

Health notes: Lucky is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. She has recently had a dental and had two teeth out. She has a cataract in her left eye but her right eye seems to be working well. The vet recommended monitoring the left eye (Oldies Club is offering to cover vet costs relating to Lucky’s eyes post adoption). Lucky is not on any medication at the moment. Rich foods upset her digestion and so she is currently being fed two meals daily of boiled fresh chicken, rice and Royal Canin mature wet food.

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