Lucy Lu – 2 year old female Cross-Breed

Lucy Lu is a 2 year old female delightfully scruffy and absolutely gorgeous pastoral mix girl who is looking for a home with or without other dogs and she doesn’t mind cats! Lucy has been in a foster family with a very young child and all things considered, we feel she would be better in a home without the energy, noise and unpredictability of young children but would be fine with children over 12. Lucy’s story like so many is truly heart rending. She was abandoned at the age of about 4-5 months by a motorway in Spain and it is there that a rescuer fortuitously found her, terrified and shaking. Nobody had reported a young pup by the roadside because it is such a common occurrence, it happened by chance that this particular rescuer was driving by.

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It goes without saying that somebody who could leave a dog by a motorway, and almost certain death, would probably be capable of all manner of inhumanity; so we cannot know what horrors her short life had been filled with. Understandably, she was a very, very nervous girl, extremely wary of people and not capable of trust. However, Lucy has been in rehabilitation foster in the UK for 11 months with an absolutely fantastic family who have won her over. Lucy has been fully health checked, and she and the foster family have had the support of a canine behavioural therapist. Lucy has blossomed and thrived and is now ready to make that final transition.

Lucy is a very well behaved medium sized dog of approximately 30kg. She is clean in the house, safe to be left for a few hours, not noisy, not destructive and a good traveller. She has mastered basic obedience and has excellent recall. She has shown no hunting instincts whatsoever. It is never possible to be exact but she has the appearance, and displays many of the characteristics of the Pyrenean Shepherd and the pastoral breeds, but she is not as lively as a Collie!

As Lucy is still a relatively young girl, she could benefit from a little more training either for interest and stimulation or to progress into canine sports if her adoptive family are so inclined. She is not a high energy dog but will need daily walks, a secure garden for freedom and play times, toys, love and companionship forever. Lucy Lu is still a little shy and will need someone with patience and kindness who can give her the attention she craves and the time it will take her to adjust to moving on. But Lucy Lu adores her people and will be a devoted and loyal companion to the end of her days. It will be a huge wrench to leave her foster home but she is ready for her forever and ever and ever family.

The adoption fee is £275 and we require an application form and home check. Home checks are done through a national network of rescue volunteers and usually do not take more than a few days to arrange.

Angel’s Kiss is the charitable venture of “Mrs Osborne Recommends” and works with British rescue partners in Spain to help save some of the most neglected and abused dogs in Europe by finding foster homes for rehabilitation and adoptive homes. Lucy has been in the UK for 11 months and anyone interested in Lucy must be willing to visit her in her foster home in Southend on Sea.

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For further details about adopting a dog from Angel's Kiss in York, please contact Gillian Osborne by emailing or telephoning 07880 545545. Please note, this rescue carries out home checks pre-adoption and offers full post adoption support. Angel's Kiss works exclusively with dog pounds, other rescues or volunteers, to help the most desperate of cases. We do not take dogs directly from members of the public. Dogs coming into our care are all offered for rehoming neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If necessary we go the extra mile with physio and behavioural therapy and every dog available for homing has been fully assessed.
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