Lupa – 5 year old female German Shepherd Dog

We’d like to introduce you all to a very special girl: Lupa, a five year old female Romanian German Shepherd Dog now under our rescue care. On taking custody of Lupa, it was immediately obvious that this sweet girl was very poorly. Underweight to the point of emaciation (only weighing 16 kg), she was dehydrated and suffering from diarrhoea, possibly induced by the stresses of her journey, weak and lethargic. She was carried from the transport to an awaiting car without complaint, and lay quietly in her crate but although exhausted, she was calm, without any nerves or anxiety, and licked my hand to say hello when I put the water bowl in front of her.


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On arriving at her new foster home, it quickly became apparent that as well as being exceptionally frail and unsteady on her feet, she was completely lame in her right hind leg. We settled her into her new foster home, and an appointment was made for her to see the vet as soon as possible. X-ray revealed the cause of the lameness as a nastily ruptured ligament. It appears to be an old injury that must have had her in agony for some time, and is in a site that will involve complex and costly surgery to correct, once she has recovered enough to endure it.

Lupa is much more active now and very inquisitive about her surroundings; her lovely character is coming out more and more, and she’s settling in nicely with the other dogs in her new foster home. She has a very loving calm nature and would make someone a fantastic family pet. Lupa has now had the necessary surgery to correct the ruptured ligament in her leg and is currently convalescing in her foster home . Lupa will be available for re-homing in due course as she is still under veterinary care, but not for much longer. Lupa would be suitable to home with children of 6+ years she is not yet cat tested.

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