Mabel – 5 year old female Cross-Breed

Mabel is currently located in Foster in Devon. Mabel is a lovely, very affectionate and friendly dog, she is smooth haired, neutered, has part of one ear and her tail missing. She is prone to gaining weight so must be monitored regularly and should not be fed fattening foods or treats, so a basic diet will be adequate. She is good with cats, and dogs and has not shown an ounce of aggression, she’s only offered affection towards any child or adult including toddlers she has come into contact with.

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Mabel only needs about a 30-40 minute stroll a day, she could not manage a long walk, but is steadily she’s getting fitter since she has been in foster care, and so this could improve with regular walks. She is house trained, OK to leave, walks on a lead and stays close by if off the lead, but she does need to be in a secure home and garden as she has spent years wondering and will still do so if allowed to get out, but she is starting to realize that she gets fed twice a day, and walked every day, so she doesn’t need to wonder to find the next meal.

She does not try to go upstairs in the house, but does like to sleep on the furniture if allowed, or if your not looking. She does not jump up but can get excited and be around your feet at times, but again it is early days and she is learning what is expected of her. She barks if people come to the house but will stop if told.

I think she would suit an older person with no young children living in the house, she is a very quiet peaceful dog who has suffered terrible abuse in her past and just wants to live a comfortable, peaceful and quiet life, loving her owner and being loved.

If you could offer Mabel a loving stable home please contact us.

South Coast Rescue

South Coast Rescue

For further details regarding adopting a dog from South Coast Rescue in Brighton, please email or telephone 01273 253730.
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