Macy and Snoop – 8-12 year old male and female Jack Russell Terriers

Macy and Snoop are 8-12 year old male and female Jack Russell Terriers. Snoop is the dinkiest Jack but with a big character, full of the joys of spring and just so so friendly, and he loves to run about and play ball, he also loves his grub! Macy is the sweetest little girl, very affectionate just like her Dad, she too loves toys and adores running those little legs off.

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They are both typical high energy Jack Russells so will need an active owner.

However, there is a little story to tell after being separated at the centre and Snoop being transferred to our branch it materialized that Macy was in fact Snoop’s daughter so we arranged for Macy to come into our care, after weeks of being apart we arranged their reunion which was a success!

Sadly, along with an American Bulldog, they were abandoned by the owner, friends brought them to the centre in Warrington.

They are not a rehoming centre so they have come into our care to find a loving home. They’ve been with the RSPCA since July while the case was being investigated and the owner traced. They have been neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated. Snoop does have the typical Jack Russell hop and skip with a back leg but this has been investigated by the vet.

Our branch carried out an x-ray to ensure there was nothing underlying, thankfully it’s just a case of a touch of arthritis. Macy is also fit and healthy, she had a much needed dental. They are looking for a pet free home. This pair will melt anyone’s heart, especially the Jack fans out there!

RSPCA Macclesfield South East Cheshire and Buxton
For further details please contact RSPCA Macclesfield (South East Cheshire & Buxton) by telephone 01625 669620 or by e-Mail
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