Maddie and Jess – 14 year old female Cross-Breeds

Maddie and Jess are 14 year old Cross-Breeds. They have recently been rescued and were both in a very neglected state when they arrived at Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue. Jess and Maddie weights 10kgs each less then half the weight that dogs of their size and type should be, they were suffering from loss of fur, long nails and just in a generally very rundown condition. The progress in 12 weeks has been amazing they have doubled in weight, their coats are in a much better condition and they have turned into two very playful and funny dogs. It’s a big ask but we are now desperately seeking a home for both these girls where they can live out their days together being loved/ kept warm and fed they really do deserve this.

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These girls are now full of life, they are devoted to each other so cannot under any circumstances be separated, they both love cuddles and fuss, are brilliant with other dogs of all ages and like a good play. Both dogs are fully housetrained and can be left in the home for a few hours. Jess loves toys and likes to carry them about in her mouth, she also has her own blankie and Maddie loves Tennis Balls.

Both dogs are now in good health, Maddie does have a heart murmur but this does not seem to impact on her or stop her leading a normal life.

Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue
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