Maisie – 5-7 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Maisie is a 5-7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier girl who originally came into RSPCA care June 2012 along with a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy, they were found abandoned in a property, left for about 5 days without food or water. Maisie found a loving home in the August but due to a change in circumstances she needs to be rehomed. She is still with her current owners until we find either a permanent home or foster home. Maisie is fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped.


Maisie is an easy going, lovely very friendly little dog, not at all boisterous, she is great with children (living with 3 currently), she cannot be rehomed with cats. She is definitely a lap dog! She walks very well, no pulling and is very sociable with all breeds big and small. She loves the car, her recall is great and she’s not food or toy possessive. She will quite happily lie in the sun or snuffle around the garden. She is a great little dog!

Maisie does have a nervous side to her, she doesn’t like loud noises or arguing on the TV, perhaps something from the past? She would be very happy with a dog for company (she lives with an elderly Staffy currently) but more importantly she must have someone who is around a lot, this is why she’s being rehomed as her owners since going back to full time work feel she’s not happy being left and would benefit from a new home.

Staffies make wonderful family pets…they are known as the Nanny dog for that reason. They are loyal and real companion dogs and normally easy to train. Maisie really is a credit to the breed!

RSPCA Macclesfield South East Cheshire and Buxton
For further details please contact RSPCA Macclesfield (South East Cheshire & Buxton) by telephone 01625 669620 or by e-Mail
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