Maja – 8 year old female Collie Cross

Maja is an 8 year old medium to large Collie size cross breed girl who is looking for a loving home to call her own. She was rescued by RSDR in Bulgaria in December 2011, Maja, along with her puppies was brought into the shelter by a man who was treating her and her puppies appallingly. Her story is unknown but he had placed Maja’s puppies in a sack and dragged Maja out of the vehicle by wire around of her neck, choking her. She was of course petrified and very traumatised.

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She instantly bonded with Tony and for a while only trusted him however after a while let the others spend time with her too. Tony and Diane thought that Maja would in fact be a permanent resident dog at the shelter in Bulgaria because of how wary she was of strangers.

One of our UK volunteers visited the shelter three times this year (2016) and slowly built a bond up with Maja, she enjoyed going for walks and having a little stroke, she also got on well with Figo (another rescue dog) so after a lot of consideration, it was decided that Maja would come along into foster with Figo in the UK.

Maja is wary of strangers and takes time to build up a bond and trust however once you have, she will be your best friend, that’s for sure. Maja arrived in foster (Folkestone, Kent) on the 2nd October 2016, she lives in Kennels however Maja has been visiting the house since December, previously she only liked being in her kennel, it was definitely her safe place, the exercise area and going for walks. However since spending time in the house she has blossomed, she absolutely loves nothing more than a cuddle and belly rub on the sofa. Her confidence is amazing, with a very calm and steady approach she will allow visitors to stroke her and will not run off to hide.

We do feel Maja would be best suited to a pet free home or perhaps if the match was right, a calm, older male, she can be quite dominant. She is one in a million, once you gain her trust her personality is adorable, with everything she has been through, she really is one very special & loving girl, she loves to play and love.

It just shows that even after all these years, she has now learnt to trust and love unconditionally. Maja is looking for a home with someone, or a couple that is retired/semi retired, with no children or visiting children, preferably in a rural location where she doesn’t need to worry and it’s not too busy. Someone with the patience, time and experience.

She thoroughly enjoys going out for walks and exploring, please don’t be put off by her age either, she enjoys walking for however long you like. It’s Maja’s time to shine, she deserves a loving, forever home and someone to love her unconditionally.
If you are interested in adopting Maja, please apply on the rescue’s own website (details in the About Us box below).

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