Marble – 2 year old female Belgian Shepherd Cross

Marble is a female 2 year old Belgian Shepherd cross who is looking for an active home. This marble-ous girl is good with children and dogs but cannot live with cats. She is toilet trained, travels well and can be left short periods. Here is what her foster carer has to say: Chumley and I are fostering Marble on behalf of Animal Helpline at Wansford. We think Marble is mostly Belgian Shepherd of the Malinois variety. She’s not as big as she looks in her pictures at 22kg. She is a stunning 2 1/2 year old spayed bitch and is currently a temporary guest. Marble gets on well with other dogs and is friendly and pretty calm when meeting them on and off-lead. She can be very enthusiastic when she’s ready to play, vocal and certainly hi-tempo!

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Marble is good with kids, buggies and even fishermen! She doesn’t chase cyclists or joggers but birds and other prey are a little more tempting. Horses, cattle and sheep are a new thing for Marble but she is fast getting to grips with what nice long walks offer and is improving fabulously in all areas, including not pulling you down the road like a train and the all important recall! She has been introduced to ‘Clicker’ training and responds well. She’s calm at the vets, travels quietly by car, in the boot or on a harness and clip on the back seat and frequently wags her tail just when you smile at her! She’s been great at home although she’s not yet sure of the hoover and lawnmower but she has been left with Chumley for up to 4hours without issue. With us there has never been any destruction and no accidents in the house after the first 2 days, she settles well at night and does not require to be crated.

Marble can be a very sensitive little girl and although she is playful and affectionate, she can be timid and happy to snooze a few hours away too. Shouting upsets her and even if not directed towards her, she could spook and run off. Marble certainly needs to be re-homed with someone who will be confident enough to keep up the socialisation and allow plenty of off-lead romps with other suitable dogs. Keep up the training too and be patient and calm but also be up for lots of adventures as Marble thrives on mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis. She is an amazing, loyal little girl just needing that ‘Forever Home’ where she will be safe, able to give and receive lots of cuddles and importantly where she and her new owner(s) will be able to play a major part in each others lives.

At the end of her 3rd week here with myself and Chumley things are moving along nicely… Hardly ever on the longline now tho managing the dodgy areas. She can be left with Chum for up to 4 hour and am going to tackle her on her own this week. She still wags her tail when you smile at her and is so so loving.. Even on walks she checks back in regularly & is happy to get paid in fuss and praise. Great with kids and other dogs, but shouldn’t be rehomed with a cat. Well never say never, but it’s not an overnight fix..! The clicker training is coming along nicely, she’s so responsive and happy to work. Unfortunately no real interest in this little girl yet. Week 4! Marble has progressed so well this week. She accidentally met a ridden pony head-on, stopped, had a look then came back 🙂 She has been trusted completely off long-line all week.

BRILLIANT NEWS: She can be left home alone for an hour with no problems, we will be upping the time again this week. She still sleeps in the sitting room despite removing the gate and her being free to roam. There has NEVER been any destruction within these first 4 weeks. Please note she is exercised mentally and physically (but this is not an arduous task)

So if you feel you are the lucky human that deserves a companion like the wonderful Marble & believe you could give her the only other home she ever needs, please contact Animal Helpline

Animal Helpline Dog Rescue Peterborough
For further details regarding adopting a dog from Animal Helpline Dog Rescue, please email Located in Wansford near Peterborough.
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