Marge – 4-5 year old female Beagle cross Scenthound

My name is Marge. Im a tiny Beagle cross Scenthound. I’m appx 4.5 years old and Iv been stuck in awful pound in Northern Spain. It’s cold and damp and we share only one little house between 6. I was there with my old Mum but she could not endure the conditions. My Mum traveled across Rainbow Bridge and I’m now all alone. I was previously owned by rabbit hunters. I never wanted to chase rabbits but I was beaten if I didn’t- we were very badly treated. A very kind rescue lady has stepped in to offer me a much brighter future and I will be travelling to the UK as soon as I’m ready.

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When I travel I will have had all my vaccinations including distemper, Parvo, leptospirosis and rabies. I will also be fully blood tested. I will have a chip which my rescue will help you change into your name so I am safe on arrival in the UK. I need a forever home. I need a home with a secure garden and someone that understands Scent Hounds needs. I also need you to be tolerant of me learning to live in a house. What I will give you in return is a love you have not known with loyalty , trust and fun.

My rescue group needs to carry out a home check to ensure I will be safe. They also need an adoption fee to cover the cost of transport from Spain. I will be delivered right to your door.

I’m just a little one and I need help to be the best dog I can be – will you step up ?

Rutherglen Rescue Glasgow

Rutherglen Rescue Glasgow

For further details about adopting a dog from Rutherglen Rescue in Glasgow, please contact Carolyn Blackshaw by emailing or telephone 07969 367622. Please note, this rescue offers full post adoption support and all dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered. Home checks apply.
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