Maria – 6 month old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Maria is a female Staffordshire Bull terrier of approximately 6 months of age. This little bundle of fun is into everything, she wants to sniff everything, explore the big world and make friends with as many people as she can. Her tail is constantly wagging and she is a happy girl. She is full of excitement and exuberance and would suit many homes. Maria is looking for a home with someone home most of the day who will continue with her training so she grows into a well adjusted adult.

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Maria came into our care from the pound after having served her 7 days and was due to be destroyed. Update: When Maria comes out of the kennel for a walk or to meet someone she is full of excitement, she does mouth. Take her for a walk and once she is over the initial excitement Maria is a different girl. Maria loves cuddles and is constantly rolling over for a tummy tickle. She is still a puppy and full of the joys of spring. She is watching all her pals find new homes and is so sad that no one ever chooses her. She has bundles of potential and just needs to be given that chance to prove what a wonderful girl she can be.

Update: From our volunteers. We walked Maria today and she is adorable, she does get a little over excited coming out (to be expected) and nibbles a little but that is something very easily corrected as she is still a pup. If she got a little tangled in the extendible lol you touch her belly and she rolls over for you laugh. She had such fun on her walk and is just gorgeous. Maria joined us on our quarry trip and although not a water babe like Jason she did venture in but as probably her first time she didn’t go further than her belly, she watched Jason and tried to get involved with the stick but not following it into the water. She is such a sweetie and loves to be out having fun.

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