Mario – 3 year old male English Setter

Marios is a male Blue Belton English Setter thought to be around 3 years old. He was found by a vet, shot in the head, so is most likely a failed hunting dog discarded because he wasn’t of any use to the hunter. He was operated on immediately, but his left eye couldn’t be saved. A typical adorable setter, he is very affectionate and good with other dogs and cats. He is healthy and neutered and can travel to the UK. After all he has gone through he really needs a home soon, as due to lack of space, he currently lives tied up at a house near the shelter. We know that somewhere out there is the special person who can see beyond the fact he only has one eye. Could it be you?

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*Update October 2017*

Marios has now been in foster in Hertfordshire under assessment for 3 weeks. Other than missing an eye, there are no obvious after effects of being shot. Only having one eye does not hold him back at all. Surprisingly he loves everyone and is not bothered by loud noises. When he arrived he was like a giant puppy who had never been taught anything. He had no idea about manners, or boundaries, or living indoors. He would jump up and mouth, jump on to the work surface to find anything edible, haul us round the garden on the lead, rush through the door ahead of us etc. Given he probably spent all his time being tied up outside and has never been taught anything, this is hardly surprising. We have been working with him for the last 3 weeks and we see improvements daily. He is confident and clever and quickly picks up on what is expected of him. In 3 weeks he has gone from a dog that would jump up on the work surface while the dog food was being dished up, to a dog who will wait his turn for his bowl to be put on the floor, even when he is last in line. He has so much to learn, but is quickly learning how to live indoors and has already picked up commands like sit , off, down etc. His jumping up and mouthing is almost a thing of the past and his lead walking is improving daily, but he is a big, strong dog and likes to follow his nose, so that will need worked on. He is very enthusiastic about life and loves learning new things. When he arrived, he didn’t have a clue about toys. Now he has discovered tennis balls, he will retrieve them endlessly straight back to you, but at the moment will only give the ball back if there is a treat on offer. He now knows and responds to his name and his recall is improving. In temperament he is more like a large working English Springer Spaniel, very affectionate and responsive, keen to please and quick to learn.

The ideal home for him would be a setter (or Springer) experienced home with someone who can commit to training him. He is very intelligent , energetic and agile and would probably love something to do like agility, or scent work, or canicross etc, or at least an active home where he can be out and about. Due to the dogs past history, Settusfree will not re-home to working gun dog homes. He can be re-homed with other dogs, as he is brilliant with the other 5 dogs in the house, plays nicely, waits in turn for his dinner and treats and is not possessive about food, or toys. He’s not really bothered about sheep, or horses, but is very interested in the cats and chickens and birds, so we would say no to small furries. As he is large and boisterous, teenage children would be best. As he is agile and can jump, a fenced garden is a must.

There must be someone out there who can see his potential, overlook the fact he only has one eye and offer this adorable boy a forever home.

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