Marley – 4 month old male Lurcher

Marley is a four month old male Lurcher. He arrived at Mayhew because his owners’ landlord didn’t allow pets. He’s a playful, friendly and very active pup who’ll grow up to be a large dog. He’s looking for someone who is experienced with dogs and knowledgeable about dog behaviour, with plenty of time on their hands to continue his training and socialisation.

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He has a high chase drive for this reason we would like to find him a semi-rural home where he can exercised away from joggers and cyclists while his owners work on addressing this behaviour. He can live with another dog providing his owners are able to control his boisterous behaviour and have the facilities to give him time-out when needed. He could also live with dog-confident cats providing his owner can teach him not to chase them!

Marley is looking for a home where there is somebody at home for most of the day. He can live with sensible teenagers from 16 years of age and upwards. His new owners will need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long term commitment involved in owning a dog, they’ll be taking on a fifteen year commitment which must not be taken lightly. Marley is hoping you’ll consider him!

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