Matilda – 15 week old female Shar-Pei Cross

Matilda is a 15 week old female Shar-Pei Cross. Tilda has now had her surgery and is doing really well. She should be ready for her new home in approx 3 weeks time. This little lady has been so very lucky that we have access to such a skilled vet. Her leg is healing well and looks to be working just fine. She will have a further check up prior to being re homed. As a precaution we would like to ensure that the person/family that does adopt Tilda would be happy to travel to our vets in Kent (BR6 6BQ) for a couple of checks after re homing just to ensure all is progressing as it should be.

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Tilda is, as you would imagine, a full on bouncing pup with sharp teeth. She has oodles of energy due to being on crate rest post operatively and this will need to be channeled correctly to nsure she grows into a well socialised young lady. She loves other dogs but does lack in manners. Any resident dog would need to be able to cope with her bouncy nature and also strong enough to let Tilda know when playtime is over. Tilda travels well in the car and takes every day and every moment of her life as an adventure. She will need new owners who are around for most of the day to ensure she rests when needed and also to ensure that her training continues.

Everything is interesting and exciting and must be explored. Due to her surgery Tilda will still need to be limited initially with her exercise and activities. This will be fully discussed with applicants prior to re homing. Tilda can be re homed with older teenagers just due to her bouncy behaviour. She could accidentally hurt small children in excitement to play.

Tilda is crate trained and is happy to rest in her crate when needed. She is clean and quiet at night. Her house training is progressing well with just the odd accident. She is currently on foster in Basingstoke Hampshire. Tilda will need to be neutered at the correct age as part of the Adoption Agreement. (reduced costs neutering is available at our vets).

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