Matrix – 4 year old male German Shepherd cross Lurcher

Matrix is a German Shepherd cross Lurcher (maybe) mix boy of 4 years old being fostered in Birmingham. This lovely boy has been the rescue system in Spain since he was found as a puppy. He has spent time in various kennel establishments throughout his life, I actually met him earlier this year when a lady who used to board dogs for the rescue we work with had him when he was moved kennels again as the previous ones were selling up.

Sherlie had a soft spot for him and working hard with him to get him used to living in her home and taking out walking with her dogs something he had never had before.

Nervous and scared but so lovely Sherlie encouraged him to come in the house over the next few months and built up his confidence this was the first video I took of him below when he was in Spain. He had a favourite when he was at Sherlies she was Lurcher called Faith who he loved to play with but unfortunately had no vidoes of this.

Matrix despite everything that has been thrown at him and never having had a proper family has a kind soul, he is not confident and may never be confident because of his early years but he is a kind dog with not a nasty bone in his body. Sherlie unfortunately had to come back to UK at the end of the summer and Matrix was moved again.

By accident I visited the place he was being kept as I was helping them take another dog over there, this dog was particularly scared and the other dogs were chasing her making worse but lovely Matrix was so good and calm and I took these videos of him to show to Sherlie.

We had a talk when I got home and we knew if we did not help him he would never get a home he needed that lucky break and Sherlie had not stopped thinking about him and agreed to foster him and that is where he has been for the last month.

He as you can imagine was scared she lives with her son and granddaughter of 14 and if they were a round Matrix would spend much of his time hiding under the table, with Sherlie he is completely relaxed but finds it hard with new people again he never growls he is just scared. He has got better as the month went on and is getting there but we think he will be the sort of dog that will bond with one person and trust them but other people he will find scary particularly men.

So he is used to living in a house now with other dogs and a cat, he is fine in the car and loves he walks on and off the lead in the woods chasing the squirrels video below you can see how happy and relaxed he is, he really has come such a long way.

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So now we have to start the search for his forever family, from what we have written you must have gathered from her personality the less people in the house the better, another dog a bitch would be great, a calm confident one that could show him that life is not scary and nor are people, a rural home as he has never been used to a town. A special person who will continue to work with him and help his confidence grow. He is a special boy and has so much love to give but he may always be nervous, he has never shown any aggression despite him being scarred, he is not difficult to live with and I think an experience home will enjoy watching his progress, I think we are getting where we have taken as far as we can and Sherlie has worked so hard with him but I think getting the one to one with maybe just one other dog will really benefit him.

We have tried to get over what a lovely dog he is and temperament and why he needed that chance, there are so many dogs like him over looked in rescues in Spain and its nice to help these long term dogs that have the lovely temperaments and we have the platform to share them and show other people the potential they have.

Matrix is fully vaccinated, neutered, has a passport and is blood tested.

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

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