Maverick – 6-12 month old male Dogue de Bordeaux cross Bull Mastiff

Maverick is a male Dogue de Bordeaux cross Bull Mastiff, under a year. Maverick loves to meet new faces, although he does prefer the male variety! He gets very excited when he first meets you, but once corrected he will sit nicely and wait for a pat. Maverick lives with a foster family who have two large breed dogs and 3 children from 11 to 2. He is lively and clumsy around them but is getting better and when the 2 year old tells him NO he does listen, bless him. He can be a bit mouthy when he gets excited but again he knows the word NO and soon stops.


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On meeting other dogs again Maverick can be a bit lively and boisterous, but shows no sign of aggression and just wants to play. He prefers bigger dogs as his play buddies too as they don’t seem to mind him being excitable. Mavericks foster family don’t think his forever family should have small furries, as he does like to chase anything that moves, so he would need some further training in this area, he is still young so someone with experience should be able to point him in the right direction. Maverick has learnt at his foster home basic commands and he now listens to his name, he does pull on the lead and they have invested in a canny collar which seems to be working. He is crate trained and is a clean boy in the house. He loves toys too anything from a kong to a ball.

This is what Mavericks foster family say about him – Maverick is a happy go lucky boy who loves to please, he has a very cheeky side to him and although is still learning to trust us he does do rather well! With the right home who understand the breed and have the time and energy to give maverick i know he will be a very loyal friend, he has settled into family life after a hard start bless him and he has oodles of love to give anyone willing to give him a chance, he has bounds of energy so will be more than happy with an active family home.

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