Max – 15 year old male Labrador

Max is a gorgeous 15 year old chocolate Labrador who is now in an Oldies Club foster home in Cannock, Staffordshire, waiting for someone to offer him a peaceful permanent home. Max is living with two female dogs at his foster home, a 15 year old Golden Retriever and a 6 year old chocolate Lab. Max is fine with both of them but he becomes anxious when the younger dog gets excited. He accepted a visiting male dog quite happily. We don’t know how Max would be with cats. As Max came into rescue because he was being tormented by a toddler, we really want him to find a peaceful home without children, even older ones. He becomes anxious when there is a lot going on around him, poor Max.

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Max’s favourite pastimes: Walks; Playing with stuffed toys; Sleeping on the sofa. Max gets worried about anything “different to normal”. He is fine with visitors – people and dogs – but when they have gone he will hump his bed. If the bed is taken off him, he becomes very anxious. He is having Zylkene (a natural product that is derived from a protein in milk) to relax him, and the vet has suggested keeping him on it for 1 month before reducing the amount.

Max would love to have the company of a calm dog and have a person at home a lot of the time who will take him for a couple of short walks each day. Owners who will let him sleep on the sofa are a must. Although clean in the house usually, there have been a couple of occasions when he hasn’t quite got out in time and has done a bit of poo in the house. He walks as he poos because his back legs can’t hold him up long enough to do it in one go. If Max is rehomed to live in a house with an upstairs, there will need to be a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to stop him running up (yes, he can run upstairs!), as his fosterer worries that he might slip downstairs.

Max is neutered, microchipped, wormed and flea treated but he is not vaccinated and we do not want him to be, due to his age. Max has a number of lumps – one under his throat, a big lump on his hip, plus a few fatty lumps. Following discussion with the vet, it has been agreed to leave everything alone as it would be unfair to put him under anaesthetic for investigations. The vet suspects that Max may have the start of laryngeal paralysis. His breathing can be quite heavy when he is anxious, and he coughs occasionally, particularly when humping. Max is currently having 2 Zylkene tablets per day to help him remain calm. This should hopefully be able to be reduced.

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