Max – 9 month old male German Shepherd Cross

Max is a 9 month old male German Shepherd Cross. Owner 1 had Max from a puppy, he lived outside in a kennel. Owner 2 purchased Max from the newspaper at 6 months. This owner had never had a dog before and had no experience whatsoever. Max mouthed when purchased at 6 months unfortunately it got worse due to being reinforced with ‘Good boy Max’ then given a treat so he soon learnt to repeat this behaviour. Max also had access to food 24/7. He was left alone whilst owners went out to work for a maximum of 4 hours.

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Foster Mums update: Walks nicely on lead using a K9 Bridle, he’s a very strong boy. He’s well socialised, happily walks with lorries, cars, and tractors passing on country roads. Introduced him  to Cows, Horses & Deer at the local rescue sanctuary and he wasn’t at all interested. Visit to vets for scan & weigh, he was very chilled and laid on the floor. Walked around very busy ring road in Norwich plenty of cars, people, Ambulance with siren which he stopped & looked at (however it was beside us and extremely loud). Took him to care home, it was as if he had been before, he was very well behaved & laid on bedroom floor. He was very chilled and happy for patients and nurses to make a fuss of him.

Max is a big 9 month bouncy boy that loves other dogs, unfortunately other dogs do not always like Max as he doesn’t know when to stop bouncing and smacking them with his big paws. He’s not at all bothered if a dog snaps at him he happily goes back for more. When walking around garden Max gets excited and it’s advisable to play with football, ball launcher or gently with flirt pole (due to his age) otherwise his play is to mouth you on the arm or leg. He enjoys trips in the car, lays down in the back very settled.

Overview: Very friendly with people and dogs although I would not recommend small dogs as he’s so big, clumsy & bouncy he stands on them with excitement. I also wouldn’t recommend cats and he likes to chase. Gets very excited with visitors & goes back to mouthing. Loves to learn, play games and needs stimulation as he gets bored very easily as he is full of energy. He’s lived with children 13+ however I would recommend an adult only home to avoid another rehoming issue. He’s perfect on the lead, has a good recall (unless there’s a distraction) & knows basic commands. He’s happy to sleep at night in a crate, but during the day prefers to escape. Max’s perfect home would be to have someone that could give him a job, he likes to please, learn and be with you. He will make a fantastic companion. I highly recommend an Adult only home due to his mouthing with excitement or attention seeking.

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