Max and Paddy – 6 month old male Cross-Breeds

Max and Paddy are 6 month old male Cross-Breeds. These two beautiful pups are 6 months old and will be approx 50kg when grown. They are a Spanish crossbreed, possibly a Mastin mix, currently in a foster home in Spain. To give these boys a chance of a family home we have decided to prepare them for adoption in the UK and they are scheduled to arrive in foster here in early August.

Max and Paddy are very friendly and such loving boys. They love to play and cuddle and are the happiest pups I think we’ve ever seen. They are good with cats, dogs, even horses and children of all ages. But as they will be larger they would require supervision around younger children as being silly pups they don’t know their own strength and could easily knock over a small child!

Max and Paddy both have a condition called Microftalmia which means one eye is smaller than the other and so the they don’t see as well, but they are not blind and will have a completely normal life. And they are just beautiful! A dream come true would be these two boys finding a home together, however we know it’s unlikely so they can be rehomed separately. They will be fully vaccinated, neutered, blood tested, flea and worm treated and have their up to date pet passport.

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Their adoption fee is £350 total and standard Homecheck and adoption contract apply. For more information on adopting please contact Heather or Sue.

Canine Special Adoption Service CIC
For further details about adopting a dog from Canine Special Adoption Service CIC, please email: (they will aim to reply to you within 24 hours). Canine Special Adoption Service CIC was set up to give unwanted and abandoned dogs in Spain the chance of a loving home in the UK. These dogs will otherwise likely spend the rest of their lives in a shelter, housed without blankets, toys or beds, so as to minimise fighting. They are wonderful family dogs, and through Canine SAS arrive fully health tested and insured, ready to join their new family.
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