Mika – 11 month old male Husky Cross

Mika is an 11 month old male Husky Cross. Mika is a rescue from Cyprus who is now in foster in Plymouth, here is a little about him. Mika is a bouncy, friendly boy who loves people of all ages. He loves to play with his toys and loves to run for a ball. He also adores a cuddle. He’s can be stubborn at times, but it’s all part of his wonderful charm! Mika is getting better with every walk on the lead. His lead training will need to be continued as he still gets excited when he sees another dog he would like to play with or sees small animals such as cats. This is all part of the high prey drive associated with huskies.

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Mika loves to be fed by a human and has learnt to sit for treats. He loves people and wants everyone to say hello! He loves a good tummy rub and is very friendly. Mika is very good with children, but can get a little rough when there is lots of running and shouting going on. Mika loves other dogs and just wants to play with them. Obviously, some dogs don’t wish to play, so you do need to keep a firm hand on him at times. Mika wants to chase every cat and small furry animal he sees. Not unusual with this breed. He would not do well in a home with a cat. He is house trained and will let you know that he needs to go outside.

Mika is starting to be crate trained. This is necessary as he does not like being left alone at the moment. He sleeps all night with no issues. He does not whine or howl. However he does have some issues with separation anxiety. This has improved and should get better if his crate training continues and as he understands that his people will come back. Mika would do well with further training. His crate training should continue as should his command training. He has quickly learnt “Sit” “Down” and “Leave” and is learning “lie down” as well. He also needs more lead training to help prevent pulling when seeing other dogs/cats and to stop him barking at children on scooters. He does this out of excitement and this only happens when the scooters are going fast and are outside.

Mika would do well in a household that has lots of time for him. While he is good with children, little ones should never be left alone with him. He would possibly be best placed in a home with older children due to his exuberance. An active, fun loving house, with a big high fenced garden, or near a large park would suit him perfectly. He loves to play fetch and has learnt to come back with his ball or toy and give it to you to throw again. He deserves so much love and is such a wonderful dog to have around.

If you are interested in Mika, please contact his foster mum. He has been vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Adoption is subject to homecheck.

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