Millie – 18 month old female German Shepherd Dog

Millie is a medium size short-haired, young German Shepherd who is somewhere between 1 to 2 years, at a guess. She did not make the grade as a security dog, she is a bit soppy! She comes across as excitable, curious and full of energy. She has no idea how to behave on a lead. She pulls like a train and is very strong.

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Millie was walked with a teenager over the fields, she did not react to noise or shouting. Millie does need to learn about personal space and manners, she is very jumpy and overly loves everyone she meets. Mille comes across as a friendly girl who likes to engage, she loves to be brushed and stroked and that I think is thanks to the kennel staff.

Millie lacks confidence when taken out for walks and wants to return to her kennel as soon as possible. I watched her walk past other dogs in kennels without reacting, although staff say she will react to another dog if they bark at her.

We would very much like to find a suitable foster for Millie so that we can get her out of kennels and fully assess her. We would like experienced owners who know the breed, preferably without another dog initially to with the ability to separate initially.

She is currently being kenneled in Swanley Kent. We would love to hear from suitably experienced owners able to foster Millie or offer her a forever home.

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