Milo – 10 month old male Whippet Cross

Milo is a ten-month old male Whippet cross, he’s black with a white tuxedo-chest and four matching white paws. He’s a bundle of fun, has lots of character and lots to say for himself. He is also very intelligent, quick to learn and food motivated which should make him easier to teach – but he’s no pushover; he’s liable to ask you “what’s in this for me” before agreeing to do as you ask. Milo needs an active home that is committed to continuing to unfold his potential with positive reward-based training and lots of physical exercise and mental stimulation. He would be ideal to live with another active dog who doesn’t mind some rough and tumble games, lots of running together off-lead and playing with toys at home. He loves children too but they will need to be ten or over and robust – he jumps up and is still mouthy and whilst there is absolutely no aggression he could easily knock over small children.

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Milo is currently in foster-care; here is what his foster mum has to say about him. When he first arrived Milo was very skinny and all he focused on was his next meal or treat or food he could steal! He’s settled with that now, sure he will always be able to counter-surf but as long as you keep things out of reach he really doesn’t bother trying anymore, he’s forgotten what it’s like to be hungry all the time I think. He’s now house-trained and will bark at the back door when he wants to go out. But he’s still a puppy so you have to stay in the garden with him last thing at night to make sure he goes for his last wee….he does so on the command “toilet” after a few times. He’s quick to learn but you have to be consistent or he’ll walk all over you. In the house he’s a play fiend during the day and early evening but then he settles on the sofa or if he’s really tired he takes himself off to bed, bounding down the stairs a couple of hours later as if to say “did you miss me”? At night he settles to sleep as long as he’s had enough exercise, he sleeps upstairs with me but I don’t think the transition to downstairs would be too hard for him as long as he’s tired and got a very comfy bed.

Milo will need company for most of the day, the most I’ve left him is three-hours and that’s with another dog for company. He needs calmness in his training as he will get hyper if you let him but if you approach things calmly then he settles. He’s not a dog to sleep for hours on end though so company is very important for him. He will try every trick he can come up with to get attention when he wants it. At the moment he’s learning that if he brings me a toy I will play with him – before he was going off and ‘stealing’ things to get attention. I suspect that he’s not been played with before – he had no idea what to do with a soft toy or squeaky and all be did with a ball was play football on his own – so he learnt that if he steals things he will get attention even if it’s not the right attention. Again, he’s getting over that and now he loves to play with toys and especially catching tennis balls mid air. He’s fantastic at puzzle games – the ones with food in, I’ll give him a cardboard box with treats in and he’ll happily spend ages getting into it. He needs at least one good off-lead run around every day. A small urban park will not be enough for him, he needs space to run and the opportunity to meet lots of dog friends. His recall is great – he loves running back to you at full speed and getting lots of praise for doing so.

If he finds a dog that want to play then it is just a delight to watch him. He’s so funny. Running, jumping, hurdling the other dog. I’m often thanked for tiring out other people’s dogs for them! Milo would be an awesome agility dog, try him out at a class and I’m sure you’d have hours of fun….once he can be trusted to act with proper doggy manners that is.

Milo is a fantastic little dog and it is important for his new owner to always be consistent with him. . The right family will be getting themselves a friend that has tonnes of personality and one that will make them laugh every day.

RSPCA Cheshire (Altrincham) Branch
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