Milo – 10 year old male Shih Tzu

Milo is a gorgeous Shih Tzu boy of 10 years who is in an Oldies Club foster home in Andover, Hampshire while he waits for a forever home that’s worthy of him. Wants to be an only dog. Milo has sometimes shown aggression towards other dogs (now don’t laugh! Even small, cute people can get jolly cross!). He wants to be the only dog at home and just bear in mind that not all other dogs measure up to his high standards.

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Milo hasn’t been cat tested yet so better safe than sorry. Milo could live with dog savvy children from age 6 as long as he can retreat when he feels like it. He has been very good with his foster carers grandchildren and loves going out for walks with them. He’s become quite attached to the eldest, following him around everywhere. He is quite playful. In foster, he removes pine cones from a basket and plays with them. He also likes to tussle with the feather duster if it dares to tickle him!

Milo’s dislikes Sudden things. He’s a bit of a nervous boy at times. He jumps if startled and can snap, which is why any children around him need to be considerate. During a thunder storm recently, he climbed onto his foster carer’s lap for safety! He wants plenty of short walks and someone who will play with him. He seems to respond best to men and boys, in terms of obedience, so he might be happiest either in a mixed household or as a companion to a man. This is the macho side of his nature. Don’t be fooled by his beautiful hairdo!

Health notes: Milo is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and worm/flea treated. His heart murmur doesn’t need any treatment. He just needs to take it easy in his retirement. Shih Tzus do need regular grooming sessions for their fast growing coats and claws.

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