Milo – 10 year old male Collie cross Labrador

Milo is a very happy and handsome Cross-Breed boy, possibly a Collie cross Labrador, aged about 10+, who is in a foster home in Herefordshire, between Leominster and Ludlow, waiting for someone to offer him a wonderful forever home. Milo is fine to be left for a few hours without problems. His foster carer has left him for up to 4 hours, with her own dog, and the neighbours didn’t hear any noise. Milo is living happily with the resident Springer Spaniel and he also seems fine with dogs he meets on walks. Milo chases cats out of the garden so would be best in a cat-free home.

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Milo has lived with children previously, but when he meets noisy, boisterous children he isn’t happy around them. He might be OK to live with kind, calm teenagers who will give him the respect older dogs need though. Milo really enjoys his walks and loves an opportunity to be off lead – he always checks to see where his fosterer is and he comes back when called. He also walks brilliantly well on a lead and does not pull. What a good boy! Milo has lots of energy and loves exploring. He is enjoying a long walk of at least an hour, plus two short walks, each day, and he also has the run of the garden at other times.

Milo’s favourite pastimes are eating, going out for walks and exploring, and sleeping. Milo is a very companionable dog and would love a home with someone around a lot of the time who will give him plenty of affection, walks and stimulation. He knows boundaries – for example he never goes upstairs in his foster home (although he is welcome to do so), but he does like to curl up on the sofa with his fosterer and he sleeps on the sofa at night despite having three dog beds to choose from. So an easy-going, fairly active, affectionate and relaxed household would suit him best.

Milo is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and has been wormed and flea treated. He has no medical problems and is not on medication. Milo is a fit and healthy boy who enjoys having a varied diet: his fosterer gives him mixer, brown rice and vegetables, tinned dog food, plus fresh chicken, ham, tuna, sardines, mackerel or pilchards.

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