Mini McKenna – 4 year old female Cross-Breed

Here we have dearest little Mini McKenna. Mini is a small sized mixed breed dog from Romania. She has lived in those shelters for most of her life. No bed, no warmth, no love, just a wooden palette to sleep on. It can get crowded in these conditions, especially when there are so many other dogs, in close proximity. Feeding times can be difficult for Mini. Generally, the smaller dogs get bullied out of their food and often go days without a meal. When I think of all the food and water that we take for granted, and what those dogs would do to have just a portion, any amount of any kind, simply to survive. I often wonder where they find the strength to carry on, how do they know things will get any better when every day is a living hell. But, somehow they don’t give up. Somehow they keep on moving forward, they keep trying to live, trying to survive even though every day is like a fight. A fight for their life.

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So when people show an interest in these dogs living imprisoned by mankind, It shows that there is still kindness in the world, and all is not lost. Mini doesn’t ask for much. All she requires is the very basics. It doesn’t matter what car you drive, or how many bedrooms you have. A dog like Mini would love you unconditionally. Love you from a place so deep, money and the material things are irrelevant. They have no place when it comes to a dogs love. The most precious thing that we have in this world, unique to us all is our time. It’s one thing that will give freely but will never get back. So when we think and reflect on how we spend each day, what is the purpose, What is the motivation, what is the gain, what drives us.

Could we take time out of our so-called busy lifestyle, and give to another. It’s certainly a question that only we can answer honestly for ourselves. Evenings spent with that special companion, a fresh morning walk across a field, glistened by winters frost, and that devoted companion by our side. The look of gratitude staring back at us, knowing that the choice we made to replan our life was worth its weight in gold. A choice that not everybody can, or will make, but for those who are bold enough to reach out are rewarded unconditionally.

I’m certainly not getting any younger, and have aged by a few seconds since I started this post. We are not here for long, but we all deserve to have a good time. The dogs of this world deserve no less than that. It’s really that simple. Humans and dogs go well together. We have done so for hundreds of years, and the core principles and traits of a dog have never changed so why do we…

If you call it evolution I say it’s time to evolve. Step out of the ordinary and do something extraordinary. Give a little part of yourself, to that special little character. Yes, there are thousands, millions across the globe. We may not save them all, but we can be that guiding light for one.

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