Missy – 8 year old female Chihuahua Cross

Missy is an 8 year old female Chihuahua Cross. Missy fostered in Gt Yarmouth (FR001). Well nicknaming her the hairy potato is blatantly a little harsh but since her arrival in the UK this rotund little girl hasn’t done a lot and it’s clear to see how she’s put on the pounds in the past. It doesn’t have to be this way for Missy. We rescued Missy from the Radauti public shelter in Romania. Most probably she had been an old persons pet, it is common practice in Romania that when an elderly person dies the family clear out the apartment and the dog goes out on the street with the rest of the unwanted possessions. It’s sad and it’s wrong but it’s a regular occurrence.

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I suspect that Missy has never been walked or left her owners apartment because trying to walk Missy on a lead wasn’t an easy achievement when she got here. Her life would probably have existed purely between the walls of the apartment with nothing of interest going on and no stimulation but we have already proven it’s not too late for her to see more and enjoy more of life. Walks now are hesitant but she’s looking around and sniffing and showing an interest and now is her time to really have a life, a proper one! I cannot imagine how terrifying it would have been to find herself unprotected on the streets and then in a shelter after living in a bubble. Somehow she’s survived it. She’s a nervous under socialised little dog that needs a quiet home but not a completely shut down one. She doesn’t need to be hidden away from the world any more because there is no point or potential in that kind of life for any dog.

Missy can live with other dogs but none that are too in her face or boisterous other elderly dogs would be fine. Missy has lived with cats but could be a bit snappy with them at times. She would not be happy living with young children and new adopters need to understand why she is timid and give her the time she needs to adapt. Once she knows you she loves a fuss and a cuddle and a lap to sit on but to date is still sadly submissive almost like she is expecting to be hit. Eight is not that old for a small dog. Once the excess weight is off and she is fitter it’s really no more than middle aged. There’s time to make her life stand for something to find her the love and safety she’s always deserved. There’s loads of time to show her kindness and the big wide world she’s been missing out on.

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