Missy – 13 month old female Terrier Cross

This is Missy. Missy is originally from Romania and as with many pups she was abandoned with her siblings at just a few months old. Lack of education, money and real love many adult females are not spayed by their owners and so unwanted pregnancies happen, and the pups just thrown out, often with the mother. In some ways Missy and her siblings were lucky in that they were not thrown on to the streets but left at the local rescue centre where they at least had safety. However, their mother was not with them, so they had been torn from her at a very young age and were obviously very confused and frightened. At first they struggled to cope with what was happening, but with a lot of love and care, and being so young, they soon came around to the people caring for them. At the rescue they were treated for worms, tics and fleas and given the food they needed to develop into healthy young dogs who were used to human contact.


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Missy and her sister Tess originally come to the UK and in to foster where they continued to develop and get used to a home environment. They were then adopted together but unfortunately the adoption recently broke down and they have returned to their foster home. For their emotional well being they need forever homes as soon as possible however, as, having been with the foster before they are really now seeing where they are as ‘home’ and need to have their forever homes before too much time has passed when they will find it harder to adjust and settle. When Missy first came over she did have issues with food aggression. This has been worked on and she has improved a great deal. With many rescue dogs they can regress slightly when they move to a different home but with patience they soon come around again. However, Missy can still have times when her insecurities return and she can be defensive of food, treats and toys when there are other dogs present. For this reason she needs to be an only dog and have a forever home with someone who has experience of caring for dogs. As an only dog, with no ‘ perceived ‘ threats she will build her confidence.

Missy is good on the lead and once she’s bonded with you, good off the lead too. She is still building her confidence with other dogs when out but does not react to them with aggression, preferring to hold back and stay close to you. If Missy feels unsure about a situation she can become temperamental. this again is when she feels she has to defend something that she has. This will be very much lessened by her being the only dog. With firm handling and a reminder of who exactly is the leader of the pack she does learn. She does need someone however who can watch for this and work with her to take the lead role.

Missy loves toys and to play. She gives the most amazing cuddles, and is very very loving. Once she feels comfortable with the people around her she gives the best cuddles and kisses !! Missy is a gorgeous fantastic little dog who now needs a forever home. She may, as with many rescue dogs, withdraw to begin with but kindness, love and perseverance wins through. Missy is fully vaccinated and comes with a full EU pet passport. She is located in Kirkby, Nottinghamshire NG179EG.

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