Mollie – 12 month old female Collie Cross

Mollie is a 12 month old female Collie cross. We have had Mollie since October 2012. Mollie is the gentlest dog I have ever come across, she loves cuddles and is brilliant with children and good with other dogs. Mollie is fabulous off lead very obedient and very responsive. Her only problem when walking is she does tend to ball chase and sometimes will bark excessively dogs, but soon stops once introduced properly. This would need to be monitored to make sure it does not elevate to a negative. She will do anything for her ball and her treats so would be easy to train and would benefit fromtraining. She has had a couple of agility classes and sometimes it is a bit too exciting and she is over stimulated and cannot bring herself back down, I feel she may be better in a pet home with some obedience training.

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Mollie is 100% house trained with the first couple of weeks we crated her at night as we had a couple of accidents but non after that. Mollie can get over stimulated which leads to barking and jumping up. Mollie needs an active home with nice walks and lots of fun. Mollie likes nothing more that curling up on the sofa for a cuddle in the evening. Mollie travels well in the car and loves her food. Mollie is fully vaccinated, micro chipped and spayed.

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All Animal Rescue Southampton

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