Molly – 10 year old female Border Collie

Molly, along with Mickey also looking for a home was callously abandoned in a house by the owner. Molly is micro-chipped to the man’s mother, she was contacted and the inspector was told to “just get rid of them”. No, we will not just get rid of them, we will find them loving homes with decent people who will love and cherish them!


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Molly has been neutered and vaccinated including kennel cough. She is a fit healthy dog, she has a couple of fatty lumps that have been checked. She also has a rib that had previously been broken and healed badly protruding as a hard lump.

Molly is absolutely wonderful, like Mickey she has a beautiful nature and is so loving and eager to please. She acts very much like a puppy, she is not a slow old dog at all, she is full of energy! She seems fine around other dogs but has always been protected by Mickey so hasn’t been able to meet that many! She knows basic commands, obviously very bright. She is quite strong on the lead and pulls so will not suit an elderly owner. A home without other pets and young children is ideal. After assessing Molly and Mickey apart and the fact they’ve been with us 5 months as a pair it’s more beneficial for them to find them loving homes separately.

RSPCA Macclesfield South East Cheshire and Buxton
For further details please contact RSPCA Macclesfield (South East Cheshire & Buxton) by telephone 01625 669620 or by e-Mail
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